Dog Festival at Tatton Park

If you are staying with us at Pickmere County House with your four legged, furry friend then this Dog Festival is the place for you and your family to visit. Every year at Tatton Park, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick (Channel 4’s SuperVet) hosts DogFest, which is a festival where you, your family and your dogs can come along for a fun day out.

There are a wide variety of different activities that dog owners and the dogs themselves can take part in.These range from agility sessions, dog diving and training. You can take your dog along to join in with the training workshops, even if your dog can be quite disobedient, by the end of the weekend he could be top dog in their class.

If your dog isn’t the type to do agility sessions or dog diving, then you can give your dog a grooming session and pamper up your pooch. Royal Canin Weight Management Team will be attending and will be offering free Pet Healthy Weight checks to all dogs and giving advice on how to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

Over the two day weekend, twice a day, Noel will lead the way on The Great Dog Walk, which gives you the perfect opportunity to get walking with your dog and allows you to explore the grounds. You can also treat yourself to a delicious range of refreshments, listen to live music and entertainment and also shop for your four-legged friend!

The time to get to Tatton Park from Pickmere County House is only a 13 minute drive. So if you are planning to stay with us, it’s the best place for you as we welcome dogs into our County House. We only ask for a small additional charge of £5 per dog per night. We also offer a full english breakfast every morning before you head off for your daily adventures!

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