Weddings and Ceremonies

At Pickmere Country Guest House you can hold your wedding ceremony in the peace and quiet of our guest lounge.

Whilst the DECLARATORY WORDS and the CONTRACTING WORDS have to be said in a Registry Office for the marriage to be legally recognised and the certificate issued to the couple, the rest of the service, including exchange of rings and saying of vows, can take place absolutely anywhere and at any time. It’s your choice.

If you want your ceremony to be truly unique and individual, then choosing an ancient service from a rigid prayer book, one that’s exactly the same for every couple, may not be right for you. By selecting to have your special day here with us, under the guidance of Sue Williamson, who is an independent Celebrant, you will have the freedom of choice for your ceremony.

You can incorporate readings, music and other elements such as traditional handfastings, with braid or ribbon, unity candles or sand, jumping the broom – whatever you want for your day.

You can also renew your vows, name your baby/child or have a gathering/wake following a funeral.

Give us a call on 01565 733433 for more information.